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EITCA Academy

Digital skills attestment standard by the European IT Certification Institute aiming to support Digital Society development



European Information Technologies Certification Academy, Brussels, EU

Disseminating digital skills & competencies within the European IT Certification (EITC) framework promoting IT professionalism

EITCA Academy is administered by EITCI Institute in Brussels (certification governing body). Contact EITCA Academy Administrative Office for matters regarding participation, cooperation and organizational issues. All technical inquiries will be served by the Technical Helpdesk. For contacting one of national consultants of EITCA Academy please select corresponding location on the map before sending a message.

EITCA Academy

Administrative Office

EITCI Institute

Avenue des Saisons 100-102
1050 Brussels, Belgium, EU

Tel: +3225887351, Fax: +3225887352


Administrative and Technical

Please direct assistance requests using contact form and choosing a relevant category of your inquiry to speed up its processing. All inquiries are queued and handled on a first-come first-served basis.

All EITC/EITCA Certifications are issued in Brussels and are available worldwide - in national editions, as well as in the central EITCA Academy edition at https://eitca.org