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EITC/EITCA IS ABOUT KNOWLEDGE AND ITS CONFIRMATION CONTINUE READING SEE A PRESENTATION EITC/EITCA ON-LINE EU IT CERTIFICATION IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS CONTINUE Choose your Certification, then: Step 1. Start on-line learning Step 2. Pass an online exam Step 3. Get EU IT Certified LEARNING & TRAINING EITCA Academy comprises several EITC Certification programmes which can be also completed separately.

Each of EITC Certification contains equivalence of 10h lectures and 5h laboratories in e-learning materials.
Educational materials & software serve supportive role to cover the EITC Certification curriculum. CONTINUE
EXAM & CERTIFICATION CONTINUE Examplary EITC Examination Test EITC Ceritifcation Validation Demo EITCA Academy Certification Validation Demo Each EITC Certification requires remote examination. EITCA Academy Certification comprises up to 12 EITC Certifications and to be granted requires passing of all included EITC examinations. Therefore there is no any additional separate EITCA examination. An EITC exam is implemented by a multiple-choice test form with 15 random questions. Score of 60% is passing condition. VALIDATE CERTIFICATE After you obtain your Certificate, you won't loose it. The EITCI Institute will keep it safe. Whenever you need it, you can validate your EITC/EITCA Certificate on-line at the EITCI site https://eitci.org/validate or by QR code scan. You can prove your curricullum and your results in no-time, you can access your supplements and download certificates' PDFs or request authorized paper copies. Scan a QR code yourself to check how Certification validation works ... CONTINUE or just click on it
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VALIDATE INSTANTLY You can validate your Certificate instantly with a mobile phone. Both Certification ID and your credentials are encrypted into a QR code printed on a Certificate. Take advantage of EITC/EITCA Certification instant validation using your mobile phone, e.g. during job interview show it to your recruiter, presenting skills. CONTINUE With a strongly increasing pace of modern Information Technologies evolution a new swift approach in defining and formally confirming your IT competencies is needed.

This is what European Information Technologies Certification Institute envisions & pursues in digital skills.
This is the future of IT education
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EITCA Academy, the European Information Technologies Certification Academy is an international IT competencies certification programme based on the European IT Certification (EITC) standard developed and disseminated since 2008 by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels (EITCI Institute, a certification body).

EITCA Academy is implemented fully online to diminish physical and economical barriers in access. Both learning and examination methodologies incorporate digitally assisted remote form. The EITCA Academy comprises of the EITC and EITCA Certifications. It is available as an EU based framework for individuals' professional IT competencies formal attestation, acknowledged internationally and thus providing IT skills recognition, regardless of the nationality upon the formal documents digitally issued and verifiable by EITCI Institute. More information on the EITC/EITCA Certification governing body can be found on the relevant EITCI Institute pages.

EITCA Academy constitutes international IT competencies certification framework, which on the level of its advancement is comparable in terms of complexity and curriculums' contents to combination of postgraduate higher education with a professional industry training. It is available in the EU and abroad exclusively within distant learning and distant examination form, thus enabling both the EU and non-EU citizens to access easily formal confirmation of their professional IT competencies and skills from Brussels with the attestation standard based on the European IT Certification framework without the neccessity of physical presence and with only a fraction of costs related to stationary EU based education and training. The dissemination of the programme is driven and supported primarily by the EITCI Institute in its mission for promoting digital literacy, life long learning, digitally enabled adaptivity and preventing digital exclusion, as well as pursuing establishment of a high quality reference level for the certified IT skillsets in Europe, therefore implementing guidelines of the European Commission policies as set out in the Digital Agenda for Europe upon the Europe 2020 strategy (within the promoting digital literacy, skills and inclusion pillar of the EC DAE).

EITCA/KC IT Key Competencies Certificate

EITCA/CG Computer Graphics Certificate


EITCA/BI Business Information Certificate


EITCA/IS Information Security Certificate


Sample EITC Certificate


The EITCA Academy Certificate is a comprehensive in terms of complexity of skills confirmed European IT Certification (EITC) based standard for internationally recognized formal confirmation of specialization in a particular field of applied IT. EITCA Certificates allows its participants worldwide to acquire a robust confirmation of their multiple competencies constituting specialization in a given digital field by grouping relevant EITC Certifications, all issued in Brussels within distant learning and fully remote examination access. All the certification procedures are implemented remotely and online on the basis of standardization and accreditiation of the certification governing body, the European Information Technologies Certification Institute (EITCI) in Brussels. Both EITC and EITCA Academy certificates are fully integrated within the EITCI disseminated <a href="/it-id/">IT ID eCV</a> digital competencies and skills modern presentation framework.

According to the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE, European Commission Statement for the European Parliament, the Council and the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, COM (2010) 245, Brussels, August 2010) digital competencies are now the basis for the development of Information Society (IS) in the knowledge based economy (KBE) worldwide. According to the recent Eurostat surveys, 30% of the EU citizens (150 millions of Europeans) and over 90% of the whole worldwide population do not posess sufficient IT competencies, making it difficult for them to function in a modern globalized labor market. This constitutes a barrier to both pofessional and personal development, while still IT competencies held by the remaining part of the European Union citizens are insufficiently targeted and are subject to fast obsolescence. Despite many efforts in policy making and public and private driven counter actions to bridge the gap between digital skills proliferation and the market and social needs, the situation is not improcing significantly.

Due to the fact that nowadays an ability to use Information Technologies is extremely important and advantageous for self-development in both personal and professional ways, the so-called digital Key Competencies are fundamental for the knowledge-based economy (European Parliament and Council Recommendation on December 18th 2006 on key competences for lifelong-learning process, 2006/962/EC). The main message of the DAE, constituting basis of the new strategy for further development of the European Union ("Europe 2020 - Innovative Union"), is the need to intensify sustained education of the European citizens in the field of Information Technology (leading to increase in the percent of population being educated in this field, while also improving the quality of education in the context of pan-European and international reaching certification programmes, using effective digital methods (e-learning in particular), as well as comprising financial support of the European Union - upon the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) in programmes co-funding formally certified education. EITCI Institute developing and disseminating EITC / EITCA Certification standards seeks to support reaching of the goals set out in the public policies for a further growth of the EU.

A pan-European standard promoted towards its international recognition and programmed with a possible comprehensiveness comparable to formal academic postgraduate level education, while practically oriented to constitute applicable digital competencies attestation in the field of Information Technologies is thus seeked for as important mean in supporting bridging of the digital skills gap in the EU. Such a standard was initiated in the form of the European IT Certification (EITC) in 2008 and was continously developed and disseminated by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute EITCI throughout recent years. This standard is a basis for definition of the European IT Certification Academy, jointly providing two certification programmes:

  • EITC Certification (the European Information Technologies Certification) - including specialized certification programmes narrowly defined in certain skills and applications (programme referenced comprehensiveness of each EITC programme converges to circa 15 hours),
  • EITCA Certification (the European Information Technologies Certification Academy) - including domain-specific specialization competence programmes, grouping together series of usually several relevant EITC Certifications (programme referenced comprehensiveness between 150 and 180 hours).

The EITC and EITCA Certification programmes were launched one after the other correspondingly in 2008, and since that date these programmes have emerged as recognized digital skills certification frameworks along with their continous developed and update as well as dissemination by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels. EITCI Institute has since been issuing EITC and EITCA certificates in over 40 countries covering specialized areas of applied computer science, design, cyber security and general digital skills thus promoting digital literacy and IT professionalism and countering digital exclusion.

IT competencies certification constitutes a formal way of confirming individual's competencies in specific areas of knowledge and skills related to applied computer science and Information Technologies. The EITC/EITCA Certificates are attestment documents supporting other formal ways of confirming knowledge, skills and competencies acquired within vocational and academic education (including certificates or diplomas of the universities and schools). In this regard the EITC and EITCA Academy Certification schemes are especially important in facilitating the policies towards introducing digital skills dissemination between not only IT professionals and computer engineers but among all people who are professionally active in other domains, sometimes far separated from IT.

EITCA Academy programme, conducted under the governance of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels, allows - after successful completion of on-line examination procedure - to obtain the EITCA Academy Certificates digitally issued in Brussels, along with the detailed supplements and all substituent EITC Certifications. The certification itself is possible both under a complete EITCA Academy programme in the chosen field of specialization (examinations within all EITC Certifications included in the Academy programme resulting in complete EITCA Academy Certificate, the diploma supplement along with all relevant EITC certificates), as well as within more narrowly defined individual EITC Certifications (single exam and single EITC Certificate within each respective EITC programme).

In terms of comprehensiveness, as indicated above, the EITCA Academy Certification programme (equivalent to 150-180 hours of stationary classes, or standard 2 university semesters of postgraduate education) may be compared to a specialized postgraduate studies, yet with its practical orientation and the advantages of the internationally disseminated EU based Certification standard it may prove for some to be a better choice.

An important feature of the EITC/EITCA certification programmes is a possibility to complete during a longer conduct only individual EITC programmes from the topical group forming the respective EITCA Academy (single specialized EITC Certifications with an average didactic content of 15 hours) and thus Certificate after Certificate improve your formal skills attestment. The EITC/EITCA competence certification programmes include content designed in a bottom-up approach so that no prior IT knowledge is required to complete them, despite their advanced and specialized nature as well as adherence to high quality on the skills attesting. This enables even most specialized EITC/EITCA programmes to be successfully completed step-by-step by the individuals without prior IT expertise, while being also relevant for IT professionals and experts in the corresponding domains.

The EITCA Academy and EITC Certification procedures result not only with issuance of properly secured digital certificates (in case of the EITCA Academy accompanied by the detailed Certification supplements and all the relevant substituent EITC Certificates, and in the case of the EITC Certificates containing detailed description within the Certifacate itself), but also with provision of relevant electronic validation services. The digital EITC/EITCA Certifications should be understood as their unique ID numbers, that upon entering with the properly secured data to the EITCI Institute Certification validation system allow for online verification of the Certifications along with details of programme scope completed by the Certification holder, as well as downloading or printing of the adequate confirmations and supplements. The EITC Certifications (obtained individually or as a part of the EITCA Academy Certification) are designed with ID carrying QR codes that enable automatic machine recognition and verification by a phone camera based QR scanning applications.

The examination and certification procedure aimed at formal confirmation of acquisition of knowledge and skills in specific areas of Information Technologies, is carried out by EITCI Institute according to the published terms & conditions, in a fully remote form via special online examination system integrated within the e-learning platform.

All EITCI issued European IT Certifications including the EITC and EITCA Academy Certifications are available fully online at the enrolment fees, as specified in the EITC/EITCA Certifications catalogue.

You can either participate in a chosen EITCA Academy programme(s) or in a chosen EITC programme(s).

EITCA Academy programme consists of several EITC programmes (normally 10 to 12), each of standard 15 hours curriculum comprehensiveness reference  (it means that the scope of a single EITC programme corresponds to circa 15 hours of stationary didactics and learning). Therefore a given EITCA Academy programme corresponds to 150-180 hours of curriculum comprehensiveness, and as such it constitutes a professional, joint, thematic and consistent IT competencies attestment in a specific area of IT specialization offering comprehensiveness comparable to a postgraduate level higher education programme.

In short EITCA Academy groups relevant EITC certification programmes in a specific discipline (e.g. in the domains of Information Security, Business IT or Computer Graphics). To obtain a joint EITCA Academy Certification one must undertake and succesfully pass all consisting EITC examinations (and thus is entitled to a joint EITCA Academy Certificate and all the relevant EITC Certificates included in the programme).

One can also choose to pursue only individual EITC Certification(s) thus obtainining a narrowly defined formal confirmation of relevant skills, that address a well defined and coherent topic, technology or software application (e.g. topics such as cryptography fundamentals, object programming, HTML, raster graphics, 3d modelling, etc.).

Everyone interested in doing so can participate in the EITCA Academy and EITC Certification programmes. The programme is available on-line and there are no limitations to home countries or nationalities of the individuals that can undertake it. The only condition is Internet access for distant learning and remote examination required for the certification procedures and the certifications issuance in Brussels, EU.

To start, you need to register an account in the EITCA Academy. The registration of an account is free. With the account you gain access to demonstrations and free resources that will allow you to better choose an adequate for yourself EITCA Academy or EITC Certification(s).

To enroll for the EITCA Academy or the EITC certification programme(s) of your choice, you need to have a registered account and make an order of your selected EITCA Academy or EITC programme(s). You can add your chosed programmes to your order and after completing selection you will be able to pay the fee finalizing formalities. Then after your order is processed (which is done automatically by the system in matter of a few seconds) you will be granted online access to participation in your chosen programme(s) from your account.

As for the EITCA Academy Certifications there is a promoting 80% EITCI subsidy granted in a corresponding fee reduction (applicable to all interested individuals worldwide and related to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition EITCI Institute's pledge to increase the scale of the EITC/EITCA Certification access dissemination and to diminish economic barriers). Applying the EITCI subsidy by a 5-letter digital code enabling it results with the EITCA Academy fee effectively reduced to 20%. Due to this 80% subsidized EITCA Academy access it may be a better option insted of a range of individual EITC certification programmes, if your are interested in attesring not a single skillset but your specialization in a given domain of IT.

In case of institutions and companies delegating their personel, the order can be made in an institutional account starting with at least 3 delegated staff members plans with numbers of additional services (including detailed monitoring and reporting for the progress of the didactic and certification procedures, as well as with flexible and cost-effective plans).

As with all professional certified competencies attestment programmes the EITCA Academy and its basis EITC Certification programmes are generally not free (with exemption of people living with disabilities, pre-tertiary school youth and people living in low socio-economic status in a number of low-developed countries). However the costs of the participation in the programme due to distant education and remote examination is effectively reduced in comparison to traditional stationary (physical presence based) education. The goal of the EITCA Academy is to possibly lower barriers in access to the EU based formal professional IT competencies attestment and make it reachable to potential participants from anywhere in the world.

The current fees for the EITC Certification and the EITCA Academy Certification programmes are displayed in the Catalogue and are set correspondingly at 110 Euro and 1100 Euro. The EITC/EITCA Certification fees encompass all the costs associated with the certification procedures and the earned digital certification issuance. Additional fees are applicable with optional issuance of secured paper form of certificates and delivery (these fees depend on the number of copies of physically secured issued certificates as well as the international delivery services for the paper certificates shipment from Brussels to your country). It is also possible to permamently or temporarily use digital EITC/EITCA Certifications only (which you can print yourself if needed in a reference ready paper form from the electronic service of the EITC/EITCA Certificates validation).

The cost of the EITCA Academy and EITC Certification fees is significantly lower from the averaged cost of the comparable level of professional IT training, education and certification in the EU countries due to its online form. The EU issued certificates formally confirm digital comptencies gained through the education and examinations implemented remotely in Brussels under internationally recognized EU based EITCA and EITC Certification standards. Additionally due to a fully online form there are no living costs associated with traditional, stationary abroad education.

Moreover as a part of EITCI Institute's continued commitment to supporting implementation of the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe (being a public policy element of the Europe 2020 strategy) in its promoting digital literacy, skills and inclusion pillar, the relevant EITCI Institute's indirect subsidies granted in the efective reduction of the fees of the offered EITCA Academy programmes, further diminish economic barriers for professional IT competencies attestment for the participants from less developed countries.

Finally, there are many educational resources freely available after registration of the EITCA Academy account, that allow one to better familiarize with the EITCA Academy model and better-informed decission towards participation. In order to access these resources (along with relevant demonstrations, including remote exams) you can register your free account by clicking Sign up at the upper-right corner of this site.

How it worksin 3 simple steps

(after you choose your EITCA Academy or a selected range of EITC certificates out of the full EITCA/EITC catalogue)

Learn & practice

Follow online comprehensive didactics preparing for the exams. There are no class-hours, you study when you can.

Get IT Certified

Take online exam to earn EITC Certificate. Pass all in EITCA Academy & you are awarded EITCA Certificate.

Launch your career

The EU based EITC / EITCA Certificates with detailed supplements constitute a formal attestation of your professional IT skills.

Yes. Learning and certification process within the EITC / EITCA programmes along with all the examinations in EITC programmes are conducted fully remotely online within e-learning solutions assisted platform in an asynchronous mode. Thanks to flexibly of asynchronously organized e-learning didactic process along with all the online examinations carried out asynchronously via Internet (allowing highest flexibility in time with participant self organizing his learning activity at his / her convenience), physical presence of the participant is not necessary, therefore many access barriers are either diminished or eliminated (e.g. of geographic, logistic, economic nature).

A participant has an individual, unlimited access to the certification platform providing a well planned step-by-step didactic process supervised by the staff responsible for the execution of the programme according to the guidelines of the EITCI Institute, including electronic materials: lectures (in a multimedia and text form along with illustrations, animation, photographs or videos available directly on the e-learning platform) with addition of tutorials, laboratories (also including educational trial access to the software, as well as relevant interactive applications) and unlimited remote didactic consultations.

The online didactics is programmed into an EITC Certification programme which ends with also remote EITC examination (of the closed test characteristic, including 15 random closed multiple-choice test questions on the given EITC programme curriculum). This remote test is taken by the participant within the certification platform (where the participant can undertake online the interactive test which implements random choice of test questions, having the ability to return to answered or unanswered questions within a time limitation of 45 minutes). The EITC examination passing score is 60% positive answers but failure in achieving this limit enables participant to retake the exam without additional fees (at each examination attempt there is one free retake available to either pass the test or improve its passing score, after which further examination retakes require application to the administration to be enabled but remain with no additional fee). Completion of all EITC examinations which constitute the relevant EITCA Academy Certification (with substitutent EITC programmes) results also in issuing to the participant of the corresponding EITCA Academy Certification (there are no additional EITCA examinations and the EITCA Certifications are issued on the basis of earning all relevant EITCA constitutent EITC Certifications). All the procedures are implented fully remotely in Brussels and the Certificates are issued in a digitally secured and verifiable form to the participants.

An important feature of the certification platform enables for a detailed analysis of each participant's learning and certification process, including full statistics of all the activities within the cerification platform allowing to generate activity reports, as well as automatic identification and support of participants having problems with didactic materials and examinations. A thorough analysis of the activity in the didactic process enables an individualized supportive approach to identified participants if such is necessary. It also may be used by participants themselves to document formally their learning activities to third parties or for they own analysis and planning (especially useful for the institutions and companies delegating their staff for the certification).

The certification platform is continuously supported both administratively and technically. Administration includes technical management and overall control of the platform functioning. Technical support includes user support with a dedicated helpdesk and maintenance solving problems related to security subsystems, data archiving, database and updating platform functionalities (actions carried out continuously by the dedicated and specialized technical staff).

Since 2008 EITCI Institute has issued hundreds of thousands of EITC and EITCA Certificates worldwide (as well as close to 1 million digital certificates) achieving a number of over 1 million of individuals from 40+ countries who had acquainted themselves with the EITC/EITCA standard covering entry-level digital literacy and basic skills, specialized areas of applied computer science for IT professionals, basic to advanced computer graphics design, as well as programmes for public administration digitization (eGovernment) and countering digital exclusion among socially disadvantaged groups (especially people living with disabilities).

The main difference is that EITCA Academy Certification is formed from a certain group of topically related EITC Certifications (usually 10 to 12). Only by obtaining all of these substituent EITC Certifications the participant will be also issued a dedicated EITCA Certification which certifies specialization in a relevant field (earning the EITCA Academy Certification doesn't require any additional examination, it requires passing examinations on all substituent EITC Certifications).

It is possible to pursue EITCA Academy Certification by obtaining individual EITC Certifications in a seperate enrollment for each EITC programme (one by one), but it is also possible to directly enroll in for the EITCA Academy with an access to the whole group of EITC Certification within the chosen EITCA Academy. This entitles participant to EITCI Institute subsidized access granted by significantly reduced EITCA Academy fee, available worldwide to promote high quality and comprehensive IT skillsets dissemination.

The participant can choose between the realization of the complete EITCA Academy (grouping relevant EITC programmes), and the realization of a single EITC programme (or a certain selection of EITC programmes).

Each EITC Certification programme references curriculum of 15 learning hours of content ending with an exam for the relevant EITC Certification. Completion of EITC programme can be achieved on average in one to two days, however there are no time requirements and a participant can plan a longer period for didactics and examination preparations if needed (for example a week or 2 weeks by spending on learning correspondindly just one hour or 2 hours daily). If the participant already have knowledge and competencies in a corresponding to the EITC Certification curriculum, the participant can access the examination directly and thus earn the relevant EIC Certification immediately.

Each EITCA Academy comprises of 10-12 EITC Certifications altogether constituting a programme content of 150-180 learning hours. In general under the assumption that learning takes place in working week days it is possible to complete EITCA Academy programme in less than one month (every working week day learning). Another reference time schedule is one academic semester (usually 5 months) when a participant is able to complete the EITCA Certification programme curriculum by learning only one day a week.

The reference learning hours of the programme content mentioned above define a substantive measure of the comprehensiveness of the certification programme based on the standards of academic hours of study. This means that the corresponding educational conduct by the participant on average would take 150-180 hours, if it was conducted in a stationary form. Also it depends on individual participant's characteristic in preparation and learning abilities which may result in a faster or a slower pace of learning and preperation accordingly with the curriculum. Due to the fact that the training is conducted in asynchronous e-learning form, its actual implementation time depends on the individual skills of each participant and may be extended or shortened (the time frame of learning and preparation to certification is tailored to individual needs of the participants).

Yes. In both EITC and EITCA Academy Certification programme the learning and preparative didactic process includes unlimited remote consultations with the expert didactic staff from a relevant IT domain. If any difficulties with understanding of the concepts from the curriculum as well as in the supportive didactic conent and materials or in performing tasks should occur, or if a participant has any questions or concerns regarding the programme contents, didactic staff is to be consulted with by means of online communication and consultancy ticketing system. Consultation is conducted via a special interface in the certification and e-learning platform or by email. Forms and instructions for contacting and querying didactic consultation staff are to be found directly on the certification e-learning platform.

The current selection of available EITCI Institute issued Certifications comprises of over 70 EITC Certifications and 7 EITCA Academy Certifications.

Due to operationally limited in capacity for didactic support and consultancy thus limiting number of monthly issued EITC / EITCA Certifications some Certification programmes may be subject of temporal places unavailability. In such cases the Certification programmes with no places available can be booked by a participants, who will be informed when the places are again available and will be granted access to the relevant programmes on the first come, first served basis.

Yes, there is a possibility to retake both failed or successfully passed EITC examinations for improving of the passing score. At each examination attempt there is one free retake available to either pass the test or improve its passing score, after which further examination retakes require application to the administration to be enabled but remain with no additional fee. Participant can retake a passed test to improve the score for better presentation on the Certification. One should note also that there are no EITCA Academy examinations (the examinations are only assigned to EITC programmes only and passing each of them results with an EITC Certification issuing, while the EITCA Academy Certification is only issued for passing of a relevant group of all consistuent EITC examination in a given EITCA Academy programme). The scores presented on the EITCA Academy Certification are the scores of all EITC Certifications comprising given EITCA Academy.

Yes. Participants will have access to the e-learning platform with all the didactic materials and resources according to the curriculums in their relevant EITC / EITCA Academy Certification programmes also after completion of learning and preparations, as well as after passing the exams and earning their Certifications. The access will be indefinitely possible from the participants' accounts at the EITCA Academy.

The EITC / EITCA Certification is an European based education and certification international programme standardizing frameworks of competencies attestment in the Information Technologies industry. It has no formal equivalance to any of the EU member states national educational programmes. However in terms of contents of the programme related to the comprehensive curriculums of the EITCA Academy, it's complexity and the resulting professional specialization attestment of the certification holder it can be best compared to the national-level accredited postgraduate higher-education studies in terms of learning workload and the attested competencies levels. On the other hand EITCA Academy Certification along with EITC Certifications are not equivalent to vendor-centric IT professional certifications issued by different IT vendors (such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe, etc.), being independent from vendors and thus focusing on real value of certified competencies, rather than standing as part of the strategy of product competition and marketing between IT vendors. However what EITC / EITCA Certifications have in common with the professional vendor issued IT certifications is that they also focus on practical aspects and applicability of the certified knowledge and skills.

What does it mean in practice?

EITCA Academy Certification is not a formal post-graduate national-level higher education diploma, but an international IT industry competencies certification standard, which is however vendor independent and is governed by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute, a vendor independent not-for-profit certification authority or certification body. Within EITC / EITCA Academy programme Certification holder does not obtain a national-level postgraduate educaitonal diploma or an IT vendor certification but an international and issued in Brussels, EU, Information Technologies industry-relevant formal competencies certification, with the range of certified knowledge and skills equivalent to the postgraduate studies in terms of the comprehensiveness (starting from 150 hours reference programme comprehensiveness) and a series of topical IT vendors issued certifications. There is no eligibility criteria to undertake EITCA Academy (or any component of the EITC Certification programme) and no prior qualification requirements (e.g. a bachelor degree achieved in the undergraduate studies is generally required to undertake further postgraduate studies in academic higher-education, which is not a precondition for the EITCA Academy participation).

The EITCA Academy certification alone enables it's holder to professionaly prove attestment of the mastered skills and competencies to work in the field of the held certification. While employers generally do require higher-education diploma in the given scope of professional specialization they generally very positevely welcome additional comprehensive skillsets attestements, especially in the domain of IT whether it is the primary subject of the candidate's education or not. If the competencies attestement is on comprehensiveness level comparable to the formal academic postgraduate education diploma, in some cases it may be considered by an employer to be a sufficient substitute, especially taking into account matters associated with the costs of studies in the higher education system of a given country). In other cases it will be a proper supplementaion of the formal education university diploma proving candidates international activity in self-development and setting him aside competitive applications without similar competencies attestments. The employers usually value highly incentive on the candidate's side in terms of self development, education and experience and as such will recognize the international certification of EITCA Academy in favor of the candidate. Summarizing EITCA Academy certification can be well treated as a way to supplement the undergraduate or postgraduate national-level educational diploma with more specialized, professional IT industry EU based certification. Certainly it constitutes an important asset in the certificate's holder CV proving his international ranged activity in the qualifications development. Even with specialized postgraduate education diploma a relevant EITCA Academy Certification will prove a highly valuable asset in the CV and will increase the employment prospects not only by formally confirming possesed IT qualifications and competencies but also by proving ability of the candidate to successfully pursue his education and self-development by obtaining the EU based internationally recognized IT industry-level, vendor independent certification.

According to the Bologna Process the EU works towards an integrated higher education framework. Currently main mean to achieve this goal is by standardization in all EU countries and some other countries willing to participate in this system that higher education should be based on qualifications and divided into main 3 cycles: the 1st cycle of qualifications (informally referred to as undergraduate studies, usually finished with the bachelor's degree), the 2nd cycle (informally referred to as postgraduate or graduate studies, usually finished with the master's degree) and the 3rd cycle, the doctorate studies (usually included not only education but also own research finished with the doctorate). Additionally to the above the Bologna Process has introduced the ECTS credits system (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) that introduces a measure of credits (or ECTS points) assigned to courses, usually with 1 ECTS being assigned to 15 up to 30 hours of stationary didactic programme. The ECTS credits serve as a reference to compare complexity of courses in different higher educational institutions and by agreements between these institutions to acknowledge the courses completed in different institutions on the basis of ECTS credits support international exchange of EU students and studying abroad.

By comparison of the complexity and content of the programme the EITCA Academy can be best compared to the postgraduate (2nd cycle) level of higher education even if it is not formally accredited as such by the national level administration, since it is an international standard. The competencies achieved by completion of the EITCA Academy as confirmed by the EITCA Certification are contentwise equivelent in terms of their comprehensiveness to the postgraduate university diploma, with this difference that the EITCA Academy certification is not a national-level issued document but an international and is focused on a particular field of IT, rather than on the whole discipline. This more specialized focus of the EITCA Academy certification might be advantagoues also in comparison to the postgraduate diplomas for a IT related professional career. Usually postgraduate studies programme is more broadely defined (e.g. Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, Mathematics, etc.) than the EITCA Academy which encompasses one of the specific fields of Information Technologies (e.g. Information Security, Business Information Technologies, Computer Graphics, etc.). The postgraduate master's degree studies contain from 1500 up to 3000 programme hours referenced by 60 to 120 ECTS correspondingly (a standard academic year usually consists of 1500 hours). The EITCA Academy encompasses a didactic programme of 150-180 hours, however referenced by 30 to 60 ECTS (it comprises 10-12 EITC courses, each assigned with 3 to 5 ECTS on the basis of content comparison in reference to academic standards in relevant topics, with time-reference of 15 hours for each EITC course, corresponding however to 60 up to 90 hours in standard academic conduct due to the individual and asynchronous model of the education present in the EITCA Academy). Thus EITCA Academy can be compared to one academic year of higher education 2-nd cycle studies (master's degree level) in terms of comprehensiveness and complexity of the IT competencies formally attested. On the other hand the EITC certifications correpsond in contentwise terms to the academic courses in higher-education (assigned with 3 to 5 ECTS credits in the EU academic credits transfer system), as well as to the vendor-issued IT product or technology certifications, due to applicability and practical character.

In terms of content the EITCA Academy certification programme (equivalent of 150-180 hours of stationary classes, i.e. a standard academic year or 2 academic semesters) can be compared to specialized postgraduate studies, yet with the advantage of the EU certification standard with its international nature and recognition (EU based certificates issued in Brussels are highly recognized worldwide, even over a formal national system academic diplomas issued in non-central EU locations). An important feature of EITC / EITCA Certification programmes is a possibility to complete only chosen single EITC programmes corresponding to the individual courses forming the respective EITCA Academy (single specialized certified EITC courses with an average didactic content of 15 hours). The EITCA and EITC competence certification programmes include programme content designed within the bottom-up approach so that no prior IT knowledge is required to complete them, despite their advanced and specialized form. This enables even most specialized EITC / EITCA programmes to be successfully completed by individuals without prior IT expertise, while being also relevant for the IT professionals and experts in the corresponding domains.

Summarizing EITCA Academy is recommended as an internationally recognized professional IT certification supplementary to the national-level undergraduate or postgraduate level higher education diplomas (i.e. bachelor's or master's degree), which can however attest holders competencies in a more general or even different discipline from the field that the certification holder seeks to pursue for her or his career (with the relavant EITCA Academy Certification covering this very field). It is possible to succesfully seek employment without higher education diploma holding EITCA Academy Certification also because it can formally prove on the basis of the programme contents covered by the certification that the advancement of the attested competencies is equivelant to one year post-graduate academic studies for a master's degree, but within an international and IT industry oriented certification standard developed and disseminated by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels, EU. It should be noted that the valuation of the EITCA Academy IT certification standard against the national-level postgraduate education diplomas or IT vendors industry-level certifications depends on the employer and his/her own beliefs and opinions, however evaluation of the EITC/EITCA holders careers indicates that the this standard recogniton increasing and not only so in the EU.

Answering the question if EITCA Academy and EITC Certifications are ECTS compatible is related to answering the question if you can account EITCA Academy or EITC Certification programmes completion to your ongoing future undergraduate or postgraduate academic studies within a national-level higher education formal system.

The answer is generally positive. Each EITC Certification and EITCA Academy programmes are awarded a defined number of ECTS points.

EITCI Institute communicates with the universities in the EU under the theme of the ECTS system (the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) offering bilateral acknowledgment of the educational programme contents (towards relevant EITC / EITCA Certification curriculums). Subject to these proposals certain EITC/EITCA Certificaiton programmes are awarded by EITCI Institute with the ECTS points, thus enabling European students among Certification holders to have their own learning that they underwent and proved to master by certification procedure to be accepted for their academic conduct. The ECTS constitutes a European standard in comparing volume of learning based on learning outcomes (in case of EITC/EITCA Certification measured by the examination results) and associated workload upon higher education as well as vocational education and training programmes conducted across the European Union and the cooperating ECTS countries.

For the earned EITC / EITCA Certification relevant ammounts of the ECTS credits are awarded depending on the particular programme (its complexity, comprehensiveness and associated learning workload) and these credits may be accepted by a Certification holder's university subject to a bilateral agreement between this university and the EITCI Institute. The EITCI Institute initiates the ECTS bilateral agreement inquiry with an indicated university on the basis of the application from the Certification holder who would like to have the earned ECTS points honored in her or his chosen university for ongoing or future academic conduct.

If you are either a Certification holder or represent a university interested or inquired by the students for accepting of the ECTS points for their relevant EITC/EITCA Certifications, please contact EITCI Institute and it will provide all the required details and documents to proceed further.

You don't also have to study on the European university to may inquire for acceptance of your EITC / EITCA programmes earned ECTS points. This will be however at sole discretion of the Dean office of your university. If you do study on the European university (not necessarily in the EU but also in the country participating in the ECTS system) this decision is more automatic, however it still remains an independent decision of your university in terms of a bilateral agreement towards accepting of the relevant EITCA Academy and EITC Certification programmes curriculums as valid for the corresponding academy conduct at the university.

It should be indicated that ECTS acceptance being decision on the side of the university administration to accept or decline honoring of completion of a certain EITC / EITCA Certification programme in the academic conduct of your studies is independent from the EITCI Institute, which can only justify relevant number of ECTS points awarded with its given certification programme and apply to a university for a bilateral ECTS agreement (such inquiry can be made by EITCI Institute or directly by a Certificate holder to the Dean office along with the relevcant EITC/EITCA certifications and their supplements - the templates of the ECTS points acceptance application documents can be downloaded after earning the Certifications). Both EITC and EITCA Certifications are provided with the detailed programme supplements that will allow proper consideration of contentwise equivalence with a relevant university course or the corresponding ammount of qualifications and competencies even by the universities in the countries which are not participating in the ECTS system.

Summarizing, the EITCA Academies consist of groups of individual EITC Certification programmes, each of those being assigned with the defined number of the ECTS credits, awarded to the certification holder after obtaining the Certification. The EITC/EITCA percantage based grading scale is also fully compatible with ECTS grading scale.

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) serves as an EU based standard for comparing the academic study attainment and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other European countries seeking to participate in the ECTS standard. For successfully completed courses relevant numbers of ECTS credits are awarded. The ECTS credits serve as a reference to compare complexity of courses in different higher educational institutions and by agreements between these institutions to acknowledge the courses completed in different institutions on the basis of ECTS credits support international exchange of EU students and studying abroad. It should be noted that many countries have similar standards, which can easily account ECTS credits as well subject to an individual application.

Both EITC and EITCA Academy Certifications provide formal, internationally recognized confirmation of individual's competencies in specific fields of Information Technologies related to applied and practical in terms of job markets domains. The EITC / EITCA Certifications constite formal IT competencies attestment documents either supporting or replacing other formal ways of confirming knowledge, skills and competencies acquired within higher and vocational education or training (including national-level diplomas of the universities and schools). In this regard the EITC and EITCA Academy Certification is accompanied by a detailed Certification Supplement providing a standardized description of the content, complexity and level of IT competencies acquired by the Certification holder, designed as an aid to help in recognition of these competencies on professional fields of activities.

EITC and EITCA Academy Certification programme, conducted under the governance of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute (EITCI) in Brussels, results, after a successful completion of online examination procedure in awarding of the relevant EITC / EITCA Academy Certificates digitally issued in Brussels, EU, along with the detailed Certification Supplements.

Certification is possible both within the complete EITCA Academy programme in the chosen IT specialization (successfully passing the examinations within all EITC programmes included in the corresponding EITCA Academy programme result in awarding of the EITCA Academy Certificate and the Certification Supplement along with all relevant EITC Certificates), as well as within more specialized single EITC programmes (single exam and single EITC Certificate issued within each respective EITC programme).

The EITCA Academy and EITC Certification procedures result not only with issuance of properly secured digital Certificates (in case of the EITCA Academy accompanied by the detailed Certification Supplements and all the relevant EITC Certificates, and in the case of the EITC Certificates containing detailed description of the programme within the Certifacate itself), but also with provision of relevant validation services. Digital EITC/EITCA Certifications should be understood as their unique ID numbers, that upon entering along with the securing personal data to the EITCI Institute certification validation system allow for online verification of the held Certifications along with details of programme scopes completed by the Certificate holder, as well as printing of the adequate print-ready Certificates' versions and supplements. The EITC Certifications (obtained individually or as a part of the EITCA Academy programme) are designed with ID carrying visual tags (QR codes) that enable automatic machine recognition and Certification verification by visual tag scanning applications.

There is possible optional issuance of the secured paper form of the EITC / EITCA Certificates along with international delivery (paper form Certifications issuance requires additional fees dependent on the number of the copies of physically secured issued Certificates as well as the international delivery services for the paper Certificates shipment from Brussels to your country). It is also possible to permamently or temporarily use digital EITC/EITCA Certifications only (which you can print yourself if needed in a reference ready paper form from the electronic service of the EITC / EITCA Certificates validation).

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