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EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals


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Order your personalized EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certificate issued in Brussels providing an internationally recognized attestment of your professional skills to support your future career.

The European Information Technologies Certification (EITC) programme

EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification is an established EU based IT competencies international attestment standard of your narrowly defined, relevant professional digital skills of 15 hours programme equivalence.

Curriculum of the EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification includes dozens of topics organized within sections, encompassing an attestment programme proving your well defined profesional skillset (refer to details in the Certification Curriculum tab above).

EITC Certification implements goals set out in the policy od the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe in its promoting digital literacy, skills and inclusion pilar by development and dissemination of the professional EU IT certification standard as important for supporting further growth of the Inclusive Digital Society and Knowledge Based Economy.

To acquaint yourself with the details on implementing of the EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification and its qualities please visit the How It Works section.
All EITC Certification orders are subject to one month full money back guarantee. For further details on procedures check How it Works.

EITC Certifications Curriculums are prepared in cooperation with academic and industrial IT experts associated with EITCI Institute. Each EITC Certificate concerns a certain, well-defined area of IT, most usually attesting proficiency in relevant software, tool or specific skillset with a proper understanding and practical abilities. EITC Certification Curriculum includes circa 15 hours of reference programme, with usually 10 hours of lectures with knowledge and 5 hours of practical assignments / exercises.

By enroling for the European Information Technologies Certification EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals you will have access to the complete didactic programme corresponding to the Certification Curriculum and the relevant examination procedure implemented fully remotely (with free additional retakes if required). Upon successful passing of the EITC/WD/WPF examination a verifiable personalized EITC Certification will be issued in your name from Brussels under governance of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute EITCI, the accreditation and certification body for the programme. For all the details on the certification procedure please refer to How It Works section.

To review the indicative programme of the EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification, please click on the Certification Curriculum tab above.

You can enrol in the EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification by adding it to your order above. The EITC Certification accompanying didactic process will be an integrated auxilary service to help you define prerequsities and provide a complete curriculum for your EU based competencies and skills attestment.

The EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification specimen is following:

Certification Curriculum

EITC WordPress Fundamentals Certification is a new offering.

Curriculum of the EITC/WD/WPF WordPress Fundamentals Certification includes 76 topics organized within 15 sections, encompassing a comprehensive 15 hours of video didactic content.

To acquaint yourself with the curriculum you can check Certification Programme Demo.

All EITC Certification purchases are subject to one month full money back guarantee. For details on Certification check How it Works.

Introductions: Introducing WordPress, Which WordPress?; Installing WordPress: Where to Install WordPress?, Install WordPress Locally, Limitations of Local Install, Web Host Install, Why separate web host and registrar?, Your Domain, Connecting registrar and web host, Installing WordPress on a web host; Exploring the Dashboard: The WordPress Dashboard, Pre-Installed Stuff, Screen Options, A Real Site; WordPress Settings: General Settings, Writing Settings, Reading Settings, Discussion Settings, Media Settings, Permalinks Settings, Other Items in Settings; Users: Gravatars, Your Profile, Author Profile, User Roles; Website Content: Content SEO, Category Pages, Tag Pages, Link Related Content, Titles, Headings, Optimizing Images, Excerpts, Author Bio and Trust, Nofollow attribute, Noindex, noarchive, WYSIWYG Editor, Posts v Pages, Posts, Pages, The Homepage, Special Pages; Media Library: Media Library, Adding new Media; Comments: Relevant Settings, Moderating Comments; WordPress SEO: GTMetrix, Cloudflare CDN, Caching Plugin, Duplicate Content Issues, Stop Words, Dynamic Sidebars, Permalink Structure, Keep Everything Updated, Sitewide links; Site Navigation: Custom Menus, Navigation Menu Widgets, Related Posts, Recent Posts, Internal Site Linking; WordPress Themes: Install Preview and Remove, Customize Screen; WordPress Plugins: Search Install and Remove, Important Plugins, Sitemap, Social Sharing, Contact Form; WordPress Widgets: What are widgets?, Adding and removing, Widget issue when changing theme; Building the Site: Site Structure Options, Step Plan PDF, Initial Steps, Static or Blog Homepage?, Legal Pages, Choose Categories, Create Posts, Install Social Sharing, Install Related Posts.

European Information Technologies Certificates Fully Online Validation

After you obtain your Certificate, you will never loose it. EITCI Institute will keep it safe and always accessible for you online.

Whenever you need it, you can validate your EITC/EITCA Certificate on-line at the EITCI Institute' website https://eitci.org/validate or on-the-fly by a seamless QR code scan with a mobile device.

Thus you can always summon a proof of having a formal attestation of your digital skills according to the Certificate curriculum along with your results in no-time. While validating your EITC/EITCA Certificates you can access Certification Supplements and download all documents (along with all the relevant Certifications issued to your name) in a PDF format or request additional authorized paper copies delivery by international postal service.

Watch the video below to check on how you can validate your Certificate instantly with a mobile phone with any standard, free QR scanner app. Both certification ID and your credentials are encrypted into a QR code printed on the Certificate. Take advantage of the EITC/EITCA Certification instant online validation using your mobile phone, e.g. during a job interview to impress your recruiter, presenting skills with proven formal attestation from Brussels, EU.

Scan the examplary QR code above yourself to check how the European IT Certification validation works or just click on it if you don't have a phone handy. This example is for the EITC Certification validation but you can also check how the EITCA Certification validation works (EITCA Certificate can be validated independently from the validation of all of its constituent EITC Certications, which can be validated from the EITCA Certificate level).

To manually validate your Certificate you will need to go to https://eitci.org/validate and input the Certificate's ID and the Holder last name (refer to the examples given below).

On the screenshot below you can see an exemplary validation of the EITC Certification.

Integrating EITC / EITCA Certificates with Your Professional Social Network

What do you do when you earn your IT Certification? Aside from putting it in your traditional CV, you'd want to showcase it on your professional social network. With EITC / EITCA you can levarage on the seamless integration with a leading global network for your career: LinkedIn.

Wait, just no account yet? Well, perhaps it's a high time to finally register one. EITCI Institute upon partnering with Microsoft's LinkedIn has integrated EITCA Academy along with EITC Certification standard with a platform's professional career profile presentation under official LinkedIn's acknowledgement and verification of added EITC/EITCA Certificates. Thanks to this integration EITCA and EITC Certificates holders are now able to add these personalized formal competencies attestements in an acknowledged way with the relevant European IT Certification logo, formal credentials and online proof of validity for an improved professional recognition.

EITCI Institute had implemented integration with the LinkedIn network in order to increase a general recognition of the EITC / EITCA EU IT Certification standard on the globally reaching, leading social network for professionals. In due process EITCA Academy was added in the LinkedIn's interface as an accredited academic institution dedicated to dissemination and attesting of IT competencies internationally in the EU and abroad, resulting with EITC/EITCA Certifications official endorsement and recognition by the LinkedIn professional networking platform. This means that all interested EITCA Academy alumnis and EITC/EITCA Certification holders may now add their Certifications including seamlessly integrated validation links (individually obtained at https://eitci.org/validate at the bottom of the validation webpage accessed after providing relevant Certificate data) containing individual Certificates' secured ID validation-access data. LinkedIn's system will automatically recognize those Certifications as linked with EITCA Academy official credentials and a relevant logo will be displayed on your professional profile documenting your formal IT education in Brussels, EU (thus increasing your job market competitiveness).

To learn more on integrating your EITC/EITCA Certifications with your professional LinkedIn social network profile watch the detailed video presentation below:

The European Information Technologies Certification Academy (EITCA) along with the European Information Technologies Certification (EITC) standard is an implementation of the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe upon the Europe 2020 Strategy in critical for Digital Society development of the EU IT Competencies Certification framework and its dissemination. The EITC/EITCA Certification is available for individuals worldwide fully on-line from Brussels under official governance of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute (EITCI), an accreditation and certification institution upon the EITC/EITCA EU reference standard.

Beyond the EITC Programme, EITCA Academy since 2008 issues official EU EITCA IT Certificates referenced to as equivalent with the level 6 of the EQF (the European Qualification Framework). Academic education within the EITCA Academy is also carried out under the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) for European higher education institutions. EITCA Academy has bilateral agreements with multiple EU universities on mutual recognition of relevant educational curriculums, enabling students from those universities to undertake some parts of their academic conduct in EITCA Academy. EITCA Academy actively participates in the new Erasmus+ European academic students exchange and EU funded IT internships programmes.

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